BitConnector for NT Now Available

BitConnector enables live Bitcoin charting and submitting of orders from NinjaTrader. Start trading on the Bitstamp exchange with the leading professional trading platform.

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What We Do

Signal Strength Finance provides proprietary trading algorithms to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients. We use an innovative methodology that draws on the most successful methods of technical analysis, quantitative finance, and mathematical risk management.

Bitcoin Solutions

Signal Strength is pleased to introduce BitConnector, our solution for trading Bitcoin using a professional trading platform. BitConnector allows you to create live and historical charts, execute trades, and develop your own algorithmic trading strategies on Bitstamp using the NinjaTrader platform.

Algorithmic Trading Strategies

Signal Strength specializes in developing algorithmic trading strategies on the NinjaTrader platform. We build strategies for the futures index markets and cryptocurrency exchanges using cutting-edge tecnical indicators and drawing from a decade of technical analysis experience. Looking for a day/swing trading system that adapts to market volatility? Try our TMV Signal System. Looking for a system that is effective in both choppy and trending markets? Try our LBF Signal System.

Featured Products


TMV Signal System

This system trades channel breakouts based on market volatility.

Coming Soon »


LBF Signal System

A day trading system that seeks short term profitable signals. The system changes holding periods based on market volatility.

Coming Soon »


Discretionary Signal System

Our discretionary trading system is in final testing phases and will be available for subscription on Collective2 shortly. Keep checking back!

Coming Soon »