BitConnector for NinjaTrader – Professional Bitcoin Trading

Get BitConnector for NT and Historical Data

BitConnector for NT

Signal Strength Finance is happy to announce the release of BitConnector for NT, which enables professional-level trading with Bitcoin. The application allows Bitcoin trading through the NinjaTrader platform. BitConnector gives traders access to:

  • Real-Time Candlestick Charts on any time interval
  • Hundreds of trading indicators
  • Fully automated trading strategies specifically for Bitcoin
  • Backtesting capabilities that include sophisticated statistical analysis
  • Strategy development interface that does not require programming code
  • Real-Time order entry through Bitstamp

FREE Always Up-to-Date Historical BTC Data for NinjaTrader

Signal Strength provides historical Bitstamp data for download updated every day at 11 PM Eastern. Our historical data is provided in a format ready to be directly imported into NinjaTrader. Use our historical data to backtest your strategies or experiment with Charts and technical indicators. Click here to download.

For help getting started using BitConnector and NinjaTrader, please see our Quick Start Guide.

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