Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Signal Strength Finance provides proprietary trading algorithms, along with trading tools and custom indicators, to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients. We use an innovative methodology that draws on the most successful methods of technical analysis, quantitative finance, and mathematical risk management. We provide our customers with enhanced order entry and exit functionality. Signal Strength specializes in currency and futures, including Bitcoin trading.

Our primary goal is to provide trading systems and indicators that differentiate genuine trading signals from market noise. Our method involves combining the most successful techniques from classical technical analysis with current methods used in quantitative finance.

NinjaTrader offers superior order management functionality and efficient tools for strategy development. The wide variety of available indicators and robust NinjaScript development suite offered by the NinjaTrader platform make the innovative tools and strategies developed by Signal Strength Finance possible.

J. Alden Stout, Ph.D., is our Chief Market Analyst, responsible for research and development, strategy design, and quantitative analysis. Alden has been trading and designing trading systems since 2005.

Matthew Freeland is our Chief Software Developer, responsible for strategy development and maintenance of our trading platform and servers. He is experienced in many programming languages, including C#, Java, and VBA. He develops automated trading systems, add-ons, and indicators for the NinjaTrader platform. He also monitors our live systems on the Amazon Elastic Cloud.